NVF has recently participated in events hosted by Comcast and MDE where we engaged with local organizations, delving into collaborative efforts concerning computer science initiatives and gaining a deeper understanding of the challenge of digital equity. Together, we focused on driving positive change in our community.

We joined the 'Unleash the Power Computer Science' workshop, facilitated by MDE, where we explored topics such as technology access, digital equity, and the concerning low participation rates of CS students in Minnesota which stems from computer science not being a mandatory course in schools within the state.  During the Community Partner meeting convened by Comcast's Project Up Initiative, which aims to advance digital equity and pave the way for a future of boundless opportunities, we engaged in discussions centered around internet accessibility for underserved families, inclusive skills training, and their ongoing commitment remove other barriers from technology access to communities.

At NVF we value the efforts and collaboration from our partners, Comcast and MDE. We strive to empower others through technology in numerous ways such as providing computers to our students, providing affordable internet access deals, digital skills training for adults and youth, our coding bootcamp and many other efforts/programs. We also tackle the issue of low CS participation rates by providing our classes throughout Minnesota in schools, community centers, and on-site. We are grateful to work with our partners to foster digital inclusivity and provide computer science opportunities to all individuals, especially the youth in the education system.