At AIM Academy, the Annual Student STEM Showcase is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and academic achievement. This evening provides a platform for students to present their end of year STEM project presentations to families, teachers, and community members. The students articulate their ideas and share their discoveries about their projects showcasing not only their showcasing not only their new knowledge but also their creativity and problem-solving skills. Throughout the evening, attendees have the opportunity to engage with the projects, ask questions, and learn from the students' experiences.

This year, the spotlight was on the students from the NVF Intro to Web Development class. They presented websites they created using their acquired coding skills and knowledge from the class. Each website was developed from the ground up and in addition to showcasing the technical ability of the students, it also reflected their creative flair and attention to detail. From unique designs to interactive features, the websites drew in the audience with their innovation and functionality. The students navigated through their websites explaining coding techniques they used to design their site. Through their presentations the students presented their proficiency and dedication to understanding the subject matter. Each project represented a journey of growth, learning, and collaboration.

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