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To create pathways to success by motivating disadvantaged youth in Minnesota through coding and digital literacy classes; engage responsible companies in IT philanthropy; and inspire progress toward global sustainable development.


New Vision Foundation is working with disadvantaged youth in Minnesota and is seeking a large scale embracing of information technology as a catalyst for wage and income growth. We believe that equitable access to information technology will be a major driver to creating a more inclusive and harmonious life for all Minnesotans.

New Vision Foundation wants to invest heavily in our youth and prepare them for the 21st century digital economy. We want to foster opportunities for them to connect with the world of coding, introduce them to careers in technology, and create a robust pipeline of future high-tech employees who will be earning higher wages and therefore decrease the racial income disparities in Minnesota.

Our Story

New Vision Foundation's staff, from the Founder & Executive Director, to Software Developers that teach the coding classes, are members of the minority community themselves. They bring decades of experience and credibility of working towards community economic development and social justice. By understanding the problems first-hand, New Vision Foundation designed an inclusive and comprehensive approach that brought together all the stakeholders with an aim of solving long-term problems such as youth disengagement and a lack of diversity in the tech workforce.

Unlike any other program, New Vision Foundation integrates outreach, skill development and workforce readiness with cross-cultural competency – magnifying a structural strength in our disadvantaged target market in order to mitigate the acute shortage of diverse talent, especially in the high-tech sector, facing Minnesota businesses.


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Global Partnership


Our partnering model strengthens networks of businesses, educational institutions and community organizations. Each has a role to play and an advantage to be gained:


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