SciTech Academy delivers an all-inclusive STEM curriculum to engage, empower, and educate inner-city and immigrant students in preparation for their future. The Academy’s core program includes a complete K-8 STEM curriculum supported by top science education centers in the nation and supplemented with a STEM literacy series. Their mission is to prepare students for successful careers in the competitive global economy through STEM.

New Vision Foundation currently offers a Web Development course at SciTech Academy for middle schoolers. The course curriculum includes website building projects, topics on HTML structures, advanced HTML and CSS, UX design and more. The students in the course are eager to learn coding and challenge themselves to gain the information needed to be successful in the course. The NVF course stands out in the school due to its vast agenda and in-depth curriculum for students. Almost all the students in the course are first time coders with high learning skills.

Mohamed Mohamed is the Director of Teaching and Learning at SciTech Academy. This is his second year in the role. He oversees the school’s curriculum development to meet its high standards as well and ensuring delivery methods are effective. “We want to put a focus on the technology piece when it comes to our partnership with New Vision Foundation because we want to make sure our kids are digitally literate and able to navigate the tech space.”


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