AIM Academy of Science & Technology (AAST) provides youth a successful path to college and STEM careers through culturally responsive mentorship, integrated STEM education, and curricular connections with technology-based businesses and industries. AIM is a public charter school with a STEM based curriculum that serves grades 6-12.

We connected with Abdirahman Ahmed, Assistant Principal at AIM and when asked about the mission of the school he states, “The moral is to provide a culturally responsive mentor program by some of our staff in which they are assigned to a class to provide mentorship to students. Mentorship includes providing social or academic support to the kids. Regarding integrated STEM education, all our classes are science based meaning they’re integrated with science & technology. We provide learning opportunities to our kids by inviting professionals from various fields such as tech to talk about their roles and have interactions with our students.”

Mr. Ahmed continues to state, “The partnership we have established with New Vision Foundation has been a fruitful one. It’s a pleasure having Ms. Amal in our classroom and the curriculum NVF provides does really align with our schools’ values and mission. The kids love the class – and that’s my biggest thing, that they understand what is being taught and enjoy it. Ever since we offered this coding class to the kids, we have really seen the students showing more interest in learning about code, which is great.”


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