At New Century School, integrated computational thinking and inquiry-based learning are the foundational overarching instructional themes. Students benefit from a rigorous, well-rounded STEM curriculum with a multi-disciplinary instructional approach. Their mission is to provide high quality education while taking a holistic approach to education via science and technology. The school’s STEM curriculum now includes New Vision Foundation’s Intro to Web Development as an elective. We are excited to be a part of New Century’s mission and provide accessible computer science education to their students.

The Web Development course is taught by Amal Ali, a NVF Instructor. She shares some of the topics she covers in her course; HMTL structure for websites, advanced HMTL and CSS, designing user interfaces, website development projects, and more. Amal states, “The students love when they can build their own websites and design it themselves. They can create their homepages and add interactive capabilities. The upcoming final project of the school year is when they work in teams to design, prototype, test, and develop a final website to present to the class.”

Faiza Yusuf, a sixth grader in the class states, “My experience in this class has been fun. I come to class ready to pay attention and learn something new about coding every day. I got a reward for being one of the top students in Ms. Amal’s coding class.” Regarding her future career plans, she says, “I want to become a nurse. I will still be using technology for work so this class will help me be prepared, especially when it comes to collecting patient information and notes.” Since majority of careers now require some level of technical skills, Faiza is already thinking of the bigger picture and how she can apply what is has learned.

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