New Vision Foundation is currently offering a coding course at Abbott Technologies. Abbott Technologies is a manufacturer of power supplies, magnetics, technical innovation, and service. The company is well known for creating breakthrough products in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals. The pilot class began last month onsite at Abbott Technologies Plymouth location and is offered to twenty youth whose parents are employed by Abbott. The students are all middle schoolers and are currently being taught coding by one of our NVF instructors.

I joined the class one evening and was able to connect with some of the students. They were super excited and eager to learn. They stated how they look forward to learning the different coding languages to build their own websites and solve complex issues. I asked what career path they want to pursue, and the students mentioned computer programming, architecture, and software engineering along with other tech roles. Today’s class was all about understanding web browsers and how they function. Some of the students seemed to already have previous knowledge of the class topic which was super impressive. They went on to hosting their own websites with links, tabs, and navigation- a bright bunch indeed!

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