NVF students at Higher Ground Academy were tasked with constructing a website as their final project. Prior to our coding classes most students had either very little or no prior coding experience and to see them create such advanced and interactive sites is very impressive. New Vision Foundation's web development classes provide students the knowledge to create a website from scratch. Each student chose their own website theme and they challenged themselves and used their acquired skills to build advanced sites with search capabilities, embedded videos, menu options, and re-directs. Students’ websites consisted of topics such as climate change, pollution, and world hunger where they provide background information to the audience and highlight the world's current issues with possible solutions.


With their newly acquired knowledge and skillset, our NVF students are even more prepared to take on their future career paths. Our students remind us that their passion in tech is the motivation we need to keep supporting them and providing as many educational opportunities to them as possible. Our mission to support our students into the tech world, is driven by their dedication and hard work. With the web industry growing exponentially, web developers and designers are in constant demand, and our students have already started to master the skills needed to join these fields.


Click here to get a glimpse of what our students created for their final projects!