On Wednesday, you have the opportunity to help marginalized youth with even a small donation during Give to the Max Day! Every $300 donated enables one year of digital literacy classes for a student from a challenged background. That's $6,000 per class of 20.


Donating online is easy and secure. Just click here:
https://www.givemn.org/organization/new-vision-foundationIn 2015 Give to the Max Day generated an amazing $18 million in charitable giving benefiting Minnesota nonprofits. This year, as you plan to Give to the Max on November 17, please consider a donation to New Vision Foundation. Our organization uses digital literacy to foster hope, citizenship and awareness of college and career possibilities among marginalized youth aged 13-18, at home and in developing countries abroad!

Every student taking a digital literacy class in Minnesota is paired with an e-pal abroad to expand their awareness of global society. In our debut class, students from Southwest High School in Minneapolis are collaborating with e-pals from Olympic Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya. All students completing a digital literacy course from New Vision Foundation receive a laptop that was donated through corporate IT recycling programs.

If your personal or company philanthropic interests include #digital literacy, #human development, #education innovation, #global citizenship, #beneficial reuse, or #countering violent extremism, your donation to New Vision Foundation is a strategic investment in the future of marginalized youth! More information: nu-viz.org.

Thank you for considering New Vision Foundation on this great Minnesota day of giving!


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